Elite Envirobagz- Standard size, set of 4

Elite Envirobagz- Standard size, set of 4

The Envirobagz are designed to fit on ALL standard carts in Canada and the U.S.  Due to the fact that each Grocery Chain has a unique size, they have been optimized for the greatest functionality between stores and across the provinces and states.

The Envirobagz are a system of reusable bags that fit into shopping carts to help organize goods while packing your groceries after the checkout.  They also make carrying a cart full of groceries much easier on the hands as you complete your typical shopping routine.

Providing 4 Individual bags with insulated cooler bag brought together with Velcro for use and storage, The Envirobagz are easy to store, easy to carry and easy to use.  Comprised of 4 varying sizes to help sort your groceries based on a system that works for you.  Sort by size, sort by weight, sort by shape, sort by food category, sort hot/cold; The Envirobagz will change the way you shop and carry your merchandise.

From the store to cart -To the car- to the House - 4 Bags - Each time

In one simple action, the system spreads out and rests on any supermarket cart giving the shopper a series of open and upright bags into which to sort their shopping.

The Envirobagz are made of heavy 120g non-woven fabric with DOUBLE STITCHING in key stress points giving them strength above the competition.  They are held up in your cart by polyethylene rods for strength and durability.

The Envirobagz are 100% machine washable, with removable rods





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