What are the Envirobagz made of?

The Elite Envirobagz are made of heavy 120g non-woven fabric with DOUBLE STITCHING in key stress points giving them strength above the competition which offers a very light mesh and only 90-100g non-woven fabric. 

The Platinum Envirobagz are made of a canvas like material, strong and durable. 

Do the Envirobagz fit in all shopping carts?

The Envirobagz are designed to fit on ALL standard carts in Canada and the U.S.  

Due to the fact that each Grocery Chain has a unique size, they have been optimized for the greatest functionality between stores and across the provinces and states.

Is there an insulated bag to keep my cold items cold or hot items hot?

YES! The front blue bag is fully insulated and can keep your items hot or cold.

How much weight can each bag handle?

The Envirobagz are made of high quality non woven fabric which fairs better in stress tests than other cheaper grade fabrics. However, to further reduce the likelihood of tearing, we suggest placing the heavier items in the "Smaller Envirobagz" and the bulky light items in the large burgundy and black bag (i.e- paper towels, diapers, cereal, bread, etc.)

Are the Envirobagz machine washable?

YES! The Elite Envirobagz are machine washable.

Remove the polyethylene rods from the openings at the sides and throw the Envirobagz into your washing machine on a gentle cycle or wash by hand! The Envirobagz should be washed on their own so lint will not cling to the Velcro strips.

For the Platinum Envirobagz please hand wash. 

Do you ship directly from Canada?

Yes. We have a warehouse in British Columbia from which we ship using Canada Post Expedited Mail.  We typically ship within 1 business day of receiving an order and delivery can be expected in only 2-5 business days!

How much is shipping

Shipping is a flat rate of $12.00 CDN per order for the envirobagz, Doesn't matter if you order 1,2,3,4 or even 5 sets you will still only pay $12.00 for the entire order. 

Is there a place I can purchase The Envirobagz other than through the website.

Yes, We offer various pick up locations throughout the B.C South Cariboo, Please contact us for more info.