‘Mompreneurs’ re-design the easiest reusable bag system ever


Tired of Struggling with the unwieldy growing knot of reusable bags that you still need to toss when they tear or get grimy with who knows what?

A 100 Mile House duo has the answer: the only shopping bag you’ll ever need.

“I was looking for products to market as a ‘Mompreneur’ – environmentally focused products to solve current marketplace challenges,” explains Amaranta Chretien.

Recognizing that everyone has to shop for groceries, and more regions are eliminating plastic bags for environmental concerns, the idea for Envirobagz was born.

After evaluating existing bags for strengths and shortcomings, Amaranta and business partner Mandy McLelland, with the help of Leon Chretien, created their own design, making an existing bag better with measurements to perfectly fit standard shopping carts in Canada and the USA. Today, Amaranta and Mandy distribute as far away as Eastern Canada and Puerto Rico, but here in the Cariboo, you can get them direct from the source and save shipping costs.

“We’re thrilled with the response so far, but we’ll continue to monitor our product and listen to customers’ feedback to ensure we always have the best product on the market,” Mandy says.